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Thank you for moving my house. Very professional, very friendly and all the move was done without any issues. 
I would definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for a good professional home moving company.
Haron Emmanuel
We were really pleased with their moving service, the move was very successful. The delivery men took great care of our items and everything arrived safely to our new home. I have already recommended first movers to a friend and would definitely use them again. Thank you so much for making our move stress free. .‎
Lisa William
Frequently Asked Questions!

In the following sections we have compiled few Frequently Asked Questions by our clients and their Answers. This section is frequently updated, new topics are added, and detail answers based on company’s policies are given to eliminate confusion of our clients in their current and future moves. Clients are strongly recommended to read this section as this section also forms part of TERMS & CODITIONS of the company.

In case of any confusion, explanation, clarity, & your unanswered questions, feel free to contact us and our move coordinators will cordially be available to assist.

Q. Can we hire 1st Movers employee or contractor, without the knowledge of the company, on or after the move?
Q. I talked to one of the movers and asked him to mount TV after finishing move, can we hire him?
Q. I have a small electric job after work and I think one of your movers can do this, can I hire him?

A. Answer to all of the above questions is NO. We have observed that in some moving situations clients tend to deal with Movers, employees, or contractors of 1st Movers for additional work (anything not mentioned in the Quote/Invoice) without the knowledge of the company. We strictly prohibit this practice. This is neither professional nor ethical to do this. 1st Movers hired these people to do moving job only; Movers are not trained electricians, mechanics, assemblers, constructors, electronic experts, TV / heavy items installers (wall Mounting experts). If client hire them for any of the above mentioned expertise of anything other than simple moving, consequently clients can face great financial or other loss. 1st Movers will not be responsible for anything which is not mentioned in the Quote / Invoice.

Q. How do we make sure that our movers will do what we have asked for at the time of booking?
A. Every job we book, we send an email along with a Quote for the move. This Quote will have your name, contact information,  moving dates, No of movers, Truck size, Arrival time, hours booked, cost per hour, contract type, additional fees applicable, few terms and conditions, contents, note to client section, Tasks movers were hired and payment terms and conditions.
If you do not see what you are hiring 1st Movers for do not deposit the advance money till your expected details are added in the quote.
Our movers will only perform the tasks assigned to them in this Invoice. Only exception is the duration, which can change based on move completion.

Q. How many extra hours we can extend on the day of move?
A. That is an excellent question. Our movers can extend the move for:
1 hour maximum for a 3 hour job duration booked ($20.00 extra will be charged in-addition to hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.
2 hours maximum for a 4-5 hour job duration booked ($20.00 extra will be charged in-addition to hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.
3 & More hours for a 6-8 Hours job duration booked ($20.00 extra will be charged in-addition to hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.

Q Do charges differ for month end jobs?  
A. No. Our booking policy is first come first serve. Whoever deposit the advance money for the job will be assigned the requested date and time slot. Our most of the clients book their jobs at least one month in advance. For summer months we strongly recommend advance planning bookings.

Q. How many minimum hours we can buy?
A. For small to medium moves a minimum of 3 hours is charged. Here 16 feet truck is used.
For large moves a minimum of 4-5 hours is the charged. Here 20 to 26 feet truck is used.
Additional hours are charged at a rate quoted in the Invoice with an addition of $20.00 per hour at a half hour increments.

Q. How do you calculate time?
A. We start charging time at the time of our arrival. Driver/super will approach you and get the time log signed by you.
Time will end when your move is complete. Driver/super will again approach you and conclude the time and present you the invoice to clear the dues.  
Travel time will be part of the total time utilized to move.

Q. When will you ask for the full payment?
A. In many cases we charge balance mentioned on the Invoice at the time of arrival, before starting the job.

Q. We are moving our house and we have a Piano and Snooker table, is there any extra charges?
Yes, these items are considered special items which need special handling. Client must get a quote for anything which need special care.

Q. Do you charge for an extra stop then the destination (e.g., picking few items from my in-laws home on our way)?
A. Yes, In addition to pick-up and final destination (2stops), all extra stops will be charged at $30 per stop. Please call for your move coordinator at 1st Movers to get an exact cost for such un-routine jobs.

Q. My new house is 32 KM from my current residence, do you charge for the mileage?
A. We offer all inclusive moving cost within 20 KM distance; extra charges apply for additional mileage. A charge of $1 per KM is applicable.

Q. How about saving travel time by using toll roads instead of freeways?
A. All tool road charges like ETR 407 Tolls and local & state moving charges, if applicable, are extra.

Q. Is it possible to change the moving date and time?
A. It depends on the other jobs booked and the availability of movers and equipment. Extra charges will be applicable, inquire from your move coordinator and ask for a revised invoice.
Also, inform of any changes as early as possible, so that a serious effort can be put to accommodate the change.
Q. Can I cancel my job without any penalty?
A. No. Movers and equipment is planned in advance so no moves are cancelled without the penalty.

Q I have seen many companies advertising inclusive Goods in Transit Insurance?
A. Our moves do not, by default, include insurance to cover your goods fully. Special Offers prices are based on minimum price per hour for general house moves covering movers, equipment, truck, & gas costs. Customer can either purchase required insurance from the company related insurers or inquire their household insurance company for the coverage of items accidentally damaged during a move. Customer shall contact their insurance firm for buying extra coverage.
Our Insurance does not cover anything which is packed or loaded by the customer by themselves.
Please remember that standard Goods in Transit Insurances come with a number of conditions, like:
Valued inventory: customer must provide content list and respective values before move commencement.  Without this list, move contents cannot be covered.
Boxed contents: Boxed items by the customers themselves are not covered, unless packed by the moving firm using appropriate packing materials and protections.
Please be advised that no moving company or Insurance company can provide coverage without a list of content with each item value.

Q. How do I pay? Can I pay cash on the day?
A. Yes, you can pay the driver cash on the day of move before the job begins.

Q. Can I pay by cheque?
A. No, personal cheques are not an accepted. e-transfer, credit cards, and debit cards are acceptable with advance arrangement. 3.5% additional charges applicable on Credit Cards payments.

Q. Can I pay using a debit/credit card?
A. We do accept payment by cards. However, card payments have to be agreed in advance, and they incur an extra 3.5% processing charge. Drivers do not have a processing machine on some days, and someone in the office will have to process the transaction, usually prior to the move. Only cash will be acceptable without prior arrangement.

Q. Can I pay directly into your bank account?
A. Yes, you are welcome to pay directly into our business bank account. The payment will need to be cleared one day prior to the job commencement.

Q. I am not sure if parking is allowed at my building, what can be the consequences?
A. Customer is responsible for the parking outside the loading and unloading places. Customer is advised to inquire the city parking by-laws and arrange for the related permits (if applicable). In case of any Parking tickets or penalties, customer will be responsible. Please check with the local authorities in advance.


Q.. Do you supply packing boxes and packing material?
A. Yes, We provide Boxes and packing material at very competitive prices. However, a deliver cost of $25 is applicable.
Call for information on packing materials.

Q. Can you store my stuff and deliver it next week?
A. No, we do not provide this service. However we can provide you few names of Storage facilities near your area. You will be responsible for dealing with the storage facility.

Q. Do I have to add HST to prices?
A. Yes, all prices are subject to HST.

Q. Can I travel with the truck driver?
A. No, trucks cannot accommodate extra passengers.

Q. Can I help the movers load/unload to save time?
A. No, due to the following reasons we do not allow customers to help while moving in progress:
1. Safety of the customer and the movers.
2. Blame game begins in case of damage.
3. Work is slowed due to customer hindrance.

Q. How I can help reduce moving time?
A. the best way to help reduce cost of moving is to be organized and be prepared before the movers arrive. Put all the boxes at one place. Clear walkways so movers can maneuver with ease and complete the task quickly.

Q. Will you be able to mount our TV on wall, or assemble the electronics?
A. No. Remember our movers are trained movers only. They are neither trained nor insured in performing any other task. Our company do not take any responsibility for such tasks.

If your question is not answered above, please call us on 647.786.4849 and we will be happy to assist.