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Excellent value for money - I was wondering what I'd get for the deal however, the movers were polite and worked quickly and steadily. Delighted with the moving service provided and wouldnt hesitate to use again. Many thanks!
Maggie Stevens
As the price quoted was very reasonable I was expecting an "ok" moving service, however I was very impressed by the 2 moving guys. They turned up on time and loaded the truck in what looked to be a well rehearsed, ordered fashion. My chunky couch presented some problems but they dealt with it brilliantly and no fuss. The move went very well and I would definitely recommend this moving company to anyone based on the service I received. .‎

Anju S

Transparent Pricing

At 1st Movers we employ a transparent pricing method, which simply means that all our costs are stated upfront and there are no hidden costs. We believe that customers should pay what they were made to think they were going to pay.

Complex pricing can involuntarily deceive customers. At 1st Movers we oppose hidden charges, vague prices or "Fixed" Quotes that change with a single additional box. We empathize with our customers and believe in fair and transparent business practices.Please note all movings required to use ETR 407 would incur $30 additional congestion charge.

The table below explains how to use the above pricing to workout the cost of your move.

We understand that not all moves will involve two men and a truck.


  3 Hrs. 4 Hrs. 5 Hrs. 6 Hrs. 8 Hrs.

1 Truck 1 Driver

10 Feet Truck

$240 $320 $400 $480 $640

1 Truck 2 Movers

16 Feet Truck

$330 $440 $550 $660 $880

1 Trucks 2 Movers

26 Feet Truck

$390 $520 $650 $780 $1040
Each Addotional Mover $45/h $45/h $45/h $45/h $45/h


If you are not entirely sure about how many porters you might need, feel free to give us a call on 647.786.4849, and we will be happy to assist you with planning your move.

Other conditions

Movings which uses ETR 407 would incur $30 additional congestion charge.

The above prices include up to 20 km of one-way journey from your origin to your final destination. If the items need to be delivered over a longer distance, please call or email us for an adjusted quote.

We only start charging you from when we reach the collection address, and we stop charging you as soon as we have finished unloading and made sure that you are satisfied with the job.