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  • Home and Office Movings.

  • Long Distance Moving - Canada Wide.
  • House Packing and Installation Services.
  • Transparent Pricing.
Contacted this company at short notice,leaving number for return call. Called me back very quickly and took on job at extremely short notice.
Removal was carried out very efficiently and with courtesy.
Would recommend this company and intend to use again myself.
Linda Skeldon
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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to any parties hiring 1st Movers’ services.

Our prices are transparent and there are no hidden costs other than mentioned in the Quote.
Customer will be responsible of paying Parking tickets while doing the job, and special fees and Tools applied on using highways, freeways, & toll roads.
HST is applicable to all prices.
These conditions should be read in conjunction with actual conditions of the specific offer.
A minimum 3 hours job is booked with 10 to 16 feet trucks.
A minimum 4 hours job is booked with 20 feet truck.
A minimum 5 hours job is booked with 26 feet truck.
Extra Hours Charges: (How many hours can be extended to any job)
1 hour maximum for a 3 hour job duration booked ($20.00 extra will be charged in-addition to hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.
2 hours maximum for a 4-5 hour job duration booked ($20.00 extra will be charged in-addition to hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.
3 & More hours for a 6-8 Hours job duration booked ($20.00 extra will be charged in-addition to hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.
Hourly rates do not apply to special move category like Piano, Antiques, and Pool Tables. Etc.
All offers are subject to availability.
We observe first come first serve policy in booking the moving jobs.
Job is booked once the customers deposit advance money to book a job for which a Quote was taken.
All parking tickets or city violation tickets related to the parking or anything related to the move is sole responsibility of the customer.

Payment method:
20% at the time of booking.
80% on the day of move in advance.
Any extra time will be charged after the completion of job
The company does not offer any credit or pay later services.
Payments can be made by cash, email transfer, credit cards or direct deposit into 1stMovers bank account. A 3.5% additional charges will be applicable for credit cards payment only on top of the actual amount. For further details, please visit our FAQs page. FAQs form part of these terms and conditions.
For long distance jobs i.e. going OVER 20 Kilometers, 50% payment is requested upfront. Cancellations requests need to be made 48 hours prior to the job commencement, in the absence of a timely cancellation request the deposit will be withheld and treated as job cancellation fee.
If for any reasons, we remain unpaid after the job completion date, we reserve the right to use debt collection agencies to recover the outstanding amount. Debt collection agencies may add their charges on top of the principle amount.
Should we need to send out reminders to recover any outstanding monies, each letter will cost additional $25.
A $45 charge is applicable to all late payments and returned/un-honored cheques.

Timings & Delays:
Job arrival times are estimated: Several factors beyond our control effect timings, therefore, we cannot be held responsible for inconvenience, loss or damage caused by delays. The company will not be responsible for any delays, inconvenience, loss or damage caused by circumstances that are beyond our control, such as road closures, breakdown of vehicles, etc.
All jobs are carried out subject to weather. We will not be obliged to carry out a job, should we consider the weather to be adverse. Adverse weather conditions include but are not limited to: snow, blizzards, high winds, hale, or rain. Therefore, 1st Movers is not responsible for any delays, inconvenience, loss or damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
To assist our customers smoothly, all our vehicles have breakdown and replacement vehicle covers. However, practically, if a vehicle breaks down before or during a job, it can take up to several hours before the recovery company can repair/replace the vehicle. In the event of such a breakdown we will try our best to send replacement vehicle as soon as possible, nevertheless, we cannot be held responsible for inconvenience, loss or damage resulting from the breakdown.

Insurance :
Most home insurances would cover your goods in transit when moving home, we strongly advise that you check with your home insurance to ensure you are covered. Should you not be covered, your home insurance may be able to add a cover for a very small premium, it’s always worth asking.
Our quotes or offers do not, by default, include insurance to cover your goods, therefore, contents are moved entirely on customers’ risk.
All our vehicles have goods in transit insurance – ranging from $5k to $50k -to cover eventualities. Nevertheless, this is purely to cover 1stMovers liability that may arise in case of eventualities like a road accidents etc. This would not automatically cover your goods for damage.
It is our duty to facilitate comfortable and secure moving. Our movers are trained professional in moving. However, we are not furniture specialist, and dismantling or assembling furniture requests are performed entirely at customer’s risk.
We strongly discourage our customers to ask our movers to indulge in a separate deal related/or unrelated to moving. Our moving contract comprises of the Invoice. Anything beyond the scope of the Invoice is out of our responsibility.  Read FAQs.
We do not carry customers on our trucks.
For fixed quotes, any additional items to those declared at the time of the quotation may result in change in the final price.
Any delays due to reasons such as delay in closing, getting keys from lawyer, arrival of the customer, etc. will be charged. This waiting time will be charged as per the hourly rate mentioned in the Quote.

Cancellation policy:
If you are moving within the Greater Toronto Area, cancellations must be advised at least 48 hours before the scheduled removal date. Failing which, $200 cancellation charge will apply. You will appreciate that drivers and porters are reserved for the particular date and other jobs are turned down to ensure that we can assist you on moving day.
Long Distance cancellations should be advised at least 48 hours in advance and there is a 50% (of quoted price) cancellation charge would apply.

Insuring with us:
If you choose to insure goods with us, the following terms will apply:
No claims for any damages will be entertained if participated in self-loading.
Boxes contents will not be covered unless, 1st Movers packed them.
Any items found to be missing, lost, broken or damaged, must be informed to the supervisor during or at the end of the job.
An inventory list of all valuable or/and fragile items must be provided before the move including their estimate value for insurance purposes. If this list is not provided, any claim of loss or damage will not be taken into consideration.
Electrical goods will not be covered for internal/functional damage unless there is evidence of physical damage caused by us.
Antiques and Pianos are not automatically covered, please mention separately.
Our Goods in Transit insurances are arranged through a third party and are subject to additional terms and conditions that may be imposed by the Insurance company. A copy of those terms and conditions can be supplied on request.

Others :
Moving items require appropriate clearance. If we are asked to carry large items up narrow stairways or corridors without reasonable clearance, we will move the items entirely on customers’ risk. In such circumstances, we will not be responsible for any damages to the walls, stairways or the items being moved.
Packing materials/storage is charged in additional to the removal, unless specified in the quotation.
1st Movers cannot take responsibility if the customer underestimates the capacity of the vehicles he requires and more than one trip is necessary.
1st Movers reserves the right to cancel or refuse a job if the customer’s behaviour is unacceptable or abusive.
Movers are allowed 5 minutes break every hour.
Hazardous and Unacceptable items:
Explosive items and/or flammable liquids are not permitted in 1st Movers vehicles.
Electrical and gas appliances should be unplugged before removal. Refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted, emptied and cleaned before removal. Please read our Removal Tips page for further details. 1st Movers is not responsible for the contents.
We have taken time to draft these terms and conditions for your peace of mind, please take your time to go through these. Our Legal Disclaimer can be found here.