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The Perfect Move: Our Secret


We arrive on time, every time. Your schedule is our top priority, ensuring no delays on your important day.

Friendly Team

Not just skilled movers, but friendly and approachable professionals who make your move a positive experience.

Supportive Staff

Our office support team is available throughout your move day, ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Utmost Care for Your Valuables

We handle your belongings with the same care and respect as if they were our own, ensuring safe and respectful transportation.

Skillful Assembly Services

Our articulate approach to disassembly and reassembly means your items are in skilled hands.

Secure Packing

We pack your belongings securely, leaving no mess behind during the loading process and ensuring their safety.

Safe Transit

Our cautious driving guarantees the safe arrival of all your items at your new home.

Quick Unpack, Quick Settle

Upon arrival, we place everything properly and take away all packaging and boxes, sparing you the hassle of disposal.

You're in Control

Our services are fully tailored to your needs and preferences, giving you complete control over your moving experience.

Our Services

We ensure your household items are moved safely and set up in your new space with care

Residential Relocation | Local |City | Region

We’re like the GPS of stress-free moving – our secret sauce includes crystal-clear pricing and a friendly team that knows the city better than your GPS knows where you left your keys. We make moving so breezy, even couches start dreaming of their new home.

  • Door-to-door moving within your city or region.
  • Efficient, familiar handling of household items.
  • Moving so easy, even couches dream of their new home.
Homebase Relocation

Residential Relocation | Long Distance | Inter-Cities | Regions

Embarking on a long-distance move with 1st Movers is like setting sail on a stress-free adventure. Our magic touch involves transparent pricing and a team so friendly, even the moving boxes feel at home. When it comes to intercity and interprovince relocations, we redefine precision – handling your belongings with more care than a grandma handling her china. We don’t just move your stuff; we plan for the most budget-friendly dates and times, making sure you save. Forget about the moving headaches; with us, it’s all smooth sailing and savings on the horizon.

  • Specialized in intercity and interprovince relocations.
  • Budget-friendly planning for time and cost savings.
  • Smooth sailing and savings on your moving horizon.
Horizon Shifter

Office Moving

Moving offices? With 1st Movers, it’s like having a reliable friend who’s got your back – and your staplers too. Our team, armed with clear pricing and a friendlier attitude than your office coffee machine, makes the transition a breeze. When it comes to office moves, we’ve got meticulous folks who track everything from desk doodads to the water cooler. And guess what? You’ll be sipping coffee in your new office, ready to tackle Monday, without breaking a sweat. No Monday morning surprises, just a straightforward and easy office move.

  • It’s like having a friend who knows your office needs.
  • Clear pricing, friendly team, and meticulous tracking.
  • Expert relocation of office equipment and documents.
  • Seamless transition, minimal downtime.
  • Sip coffee in your new office, hassle-free.
Corporate Carousel- Office Moving

PackMaster | Packing | Disassembling |Unpacking | Assembling

Packing up for a move? 1st Movers is your packing superhero – we’ve got the clear pricing, the friendliest team, and the skillful hands you need. Let us snatch the packing hassle off your hands; our team wraps and boxes your items with such care that even your grandma’s antique vase would give us a nod of approval. We use soft wraps and sturdy boxes, turning the packing process into a breeze. So, while we handle the bubble wrap, you can just kick back and relax. Your treasures are in safe hands with us!

  • Your packing superhero with clear pricing, friendly team, and skilled hands.
  • Comprehensive packing using soft wraps and sturdy boxes.
  •  Magical elves transforming boxes into a seamlessly organized space.
  • Dedicated assembling team for furniture setup.
  • Ensures the safety of your belongings.
  • Hassle-free unpacking and space organization.

Your new place, looking like home in no time.

Hassle-free packing, your treasures safely wrapped.

PackMaster - Stress-Free Packing Disassembling

Safe Keepers | Storage

Storing with 1st Movers is like having a personal vault for your belongings. Whether you’re opting for a short-term pitstop or a long-term hiatus, we’ve got the right storage solution. Need a cozy spot with temperature control? We’ve got that option for your delicate items. Not every storage unit has a thermostat, but rest assured, your possessions are in good hands. Our storage isn’t just about stacking boxes; it’s about giving your items a home-away-from-home, tailored to your needs. With 1st Movers, your belongings aren’t just stored; they’re cared for.

  • Secure storage solutions, tailored to your needs.
  • Caring for your items like a home-away-from-home.
  • Not just storing, but caring for your belongings.
  • Personal vault-like storage with options for temperature control.
Safe Keepers – Storage

Porter Pros | Movers Only

Skilled porters for heavy lifting, ideal for staging, decluttering, and events.

  • Efficient task completion with the right equipment.
  • Professional handling for every task.
  • Strength and skill for when you need it most.
Discover Porter Pros

 Let 1st Movers make your next move your best move with services designed for comfort, ease, and efficiency.

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